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A Bit About Us


Working in a local high-poverty elementary school, we saw a tremendous increase in the number of families needing various types of assistance, particularly food. Some were single parent homes, some were two parent homes and even multiple families having to move in together just to make ends meet.

We felt a calling to do more for the families in Bay County and the surrounding areas. As a result, A Hand Up International, Inc. GOM was birthed!

A Hand Up is a Faith Based, Non-Profit Organization.

 As its name indicates, we provide A Hand Up to anyone in need. We are not a WELFARE Agency! We are not interested in enabling people that have no desire to change their situation or to help themselves.

Our purpose is to provide A Hand Up to help bridge the gap between resources and need.

The sad reality is that the face of poverty and homelessness has changed, ESPECIALLY, after hurricane Michael!


 We as a community must acknowledge that, and take measures to strengthen people to help themselves.


At A Hand Up, we are serving people and families in a way that is positive and restores dignity to a process that can be very embarrassing and humiliating.


For the hard working men or women that suddenly finds themselves on the other side of the table, having to ask for assistance to take care of their families, or even make the leap to ask for food, can be very overwhelming. That’s why we always make it known, that we are giving them

A Hand Up, NOT a hand out.
There’s a clear difference!

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